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Khaki Restaurant Opening Campaign


million view

In less than 30 days, by implementing a proper and suitable strategy, we were able to reach our goal of gaining 4.5 million viewers. 

In this strategy, we focused on gaining attraction for the brand by working with influencers to promote the restaurant in their Instagram Stories. This strategy proved to be most effective. 

Influencer Marketing Strategy

In the beginning, we began working with comedy influencers and viners. Next, and after gaining a following, we started working with food bloggers and were able to attract the right target audience according to our strategy. 

Every influencer promoted the restaurant to their audience using their unique style and voice, which resulted in a lot of engagement and effectiveness.


Holding competition is an effective and proven way to connect better and more meaningfully with audiences. Also, by considering appealing and captivating prizes, we encouraged users to engage more with the brand.


In this campaign, we asked customers to share their photos with Khaki’s unique masks on their social media profiles. This resulted in the sense of pleasure among customers and a better interaction/ connection with the brand.

Khaki Restaurant Content Production

Khaki Restaurant Content Production

Khaki Restaurant Food Packaging

Design and Packaging of Khaki Restaurant

Khaki Restaurant Branding Design

Branding Design and Advertising Slogan

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